Guide on How to Pitch a Baseball Like Stephen Strasburg


How to Pitch a Baseball

Major League pitchers make throwing a ball look so easy; and this is often a subject for amazement to many. Pitching or throwing a baseball is actually a science and people can learn how to do it; so that it becomes easy every time. However, to perfect the art, there is need to put in both the time and hard work. In essence, anyone who works hard can learn how to pitch a baseball just like Stephen Strasburg. Below are details of what it takes to make the perfect throw.

Just like Stephen Strasburg, the body must employ the right movement for the perfect sequence. Injury reduction is pivotal and it will be achieved when the right pitching methods are applied. All your muscles from the feet to the fingers will come to play. The energy must be transferred accordingly to make that great throw. When the ideal weight transfer is realized, it is possible to achieve both accuracy and power ensuring a winning throw. In this regard, pitching like a pro will require that you have an optimized body to take on the task.


Using legs and hips to pitch a baseball

Stephen Strasburg always leverages on a long stride which is necessary to create velocity. To throw well over 90 MPH, a short stride will not do and many pitchers know this very well. Your stride should therefore be as wide as possible. This should be achieved while attaining balance towards the home plate. Below is a video that sheds more light on how a power stride should be like. All in all, a good stride will ensure proper momentum when you start to pitch.

How to Pitch a Baseball

In addition to the momentum, hip rotation is another key element that must be in place. The right hip rotation is achieved when the foot points towards the catcher right before landing to ensure that the hips open up accordingly. The hips should open up and rotate well before the upper body is able to rotate. Pitching coaches prominently refer to this as delayed shoulder rotation. It is your hips that trigger energy to be sent to your upper body which will in turn release the baseball. The key to keep in mind is that hips must rotate first and then your shoulders follow. These tips are a vital guide on how Major League pitchers achieve the ideal baseball throw. This technique applied correctly will always work like a charm.  Learn more, click here.


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