4 Baseball Pitching Grips: Your Guide To A Being A Better Pitcher

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Baseball Pitching Grips

The most important thing for a pitcher in baseball is the pitching grips. The right pitching grip in baseball is very important for proper pitching, and therefore, improper pitching grip has the ability to make your pitch good, bad or great. There are many types of pitching grip, which makes baseball even more exciting. The pitching grips differs by the way someone is holding the ball. These techniques were developed just to confuse the hitter when he is trying to hit the ball. This article is meant to make your knowledge of baseball better, by discussing the various pitching grips in baseball. For example, change up requires throwing a slow ball in such a matter that appears as a fast ball to the hitter. Also, a change up is results in a of better pitching technique.


Different Gripping Techniques in Baseball

There are many techniques of pitching grip in baseball, and here we will discuss few of them:

  • Curveball
  • Three Finger Change Up
  • Four Seam Fast Ball
  • Slider
  • Knuckleball

Curve ball

Curve ball is among the most popular and effective of pitching grips, and comes under the category of breaking pitches. In this technique, the crescent part of the ball is touched by the middle finger while the index finger has to be in the white leather part, and has to be in parallel with the middle finger. As you are releasing the ball, rotate your wrist in the path of the plate.
Executing this technique and the pitch will cause the ball to curve.

Three Finger Change Up

In  the three finger change Up technique, the index finger, middle finger and the ring figure are all on the top center of the ball. Your grip improves when you have your pinky finger underneath the ball. To adjust the speed of the pitch, take the ball on to your palm. This ball is sometimes called the change up ball, because at first it seems like a fast ball, but the ball would actually be slower. Here, your arm must be ahead of the elbow, just like when you pull off your shades in real life. This is because, to confuse the hitter, the pitcher throws the ball that appears to look like a fast ball, and therefore, the hitter misjudges the ball, and miss time it. It just goes on to show how much force you are using, while you are using no force at all.

Four Seam Fast Ball

Gripping the four seam fastball is easier than gripping the other ones. To use this technique, you must place the middle and index finger, in the perpendicular seam of the baseball. In this technique basically, the seam of the ball should face your ring finger. The seam of the baseball is often called the horseshoe seam because it looks like a horseshoe when seen from above. The next step is to place your thumb beneath the baseball. Ideally, the thumb should be exactly in the middle of the horseshoe seam beneath. In this case, the ball should not be held tightly. Some experts say to hold the ball just like you are holding an egg. A small gap between the palm and the ball should be always maintained in this type of pitching grip. The less hard the ball is thrown, the less is the friction, and hence more is the speed.


The slider is the best type of pitch according to many baseball experts. Here, the ball is gripped across the seam, where the middle and the index finger should be at the farthest position. In this technique, your thumb should be under the ball, in the middle of the seam, and the pinkie finger and ring finger should be placed apart from each other. The thumb fingers and the other fingers, should not have any surface connection with the ball. Thumb and the middle exert the most force when the ball is released. The moment the ball is released, turn your fingers to curve the ball.

Knuckle ball

The knuckle ball is nothing but a modified and an advanced version of a curve ball. A knuckle ball is gripped in the same way as a curve ball. The only difference in how the knuckle ball is shown over the curve ball. With the knuckle ball, the thumb should be presented at the seam. While throwing, keep your knuckle towards the plate.

 If you continue to practice the above mentioned pitching grips, and keep pitching every day, overtime you will see your pitching skills improved greatly. Learn more, click pitching.

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